Kontakt i olika former

Contact can take many forms, but the form itself does not guarantee that genuine, spirit-to-spirit contact will be made.
A handshake between two strangers can have the power to initiate a lifetime relationship, while two people can spend the night together and make no contact whatsoever. Just because our feet and legs are on the ground does not mean that we are grounded.
We establish our contact with ground by allowing our energetic presence to move as a living charge through our legs and feet into the ground.
We make contact visually by allowing our presence to move as excitement through our eyes into the environment, not by just looking at somebody.
Unexpectedly, but often with great reward, we can find contact in conflict and aggression. As Fritz Pearls said, “Contact is the appreciation of differences.” Contact can take almost any form as long as we bring an energetic presence to the form.





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